A Universal Reward System

Reward your customers, users, members, tournament participants and staff with a token that has an infinitely increasing value while we provide you with intelligent user and competitor tailored analytics for better business.

How Gold Reward Works

RVD serves three main functions -

  • a high value reward coin;
  • a gamification technology and
  • fuel for an intelligent analytics engine.
The future we see is one in which RVD drive most mobile device assisted consumer centered systems like travel, games, sports, health etc

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Road Map

Nov/Dec 2018

Commence RVD lending, binary team and exchange services

January 2019

Commence RVD Staking service

March 2019

Deployment of RVD gamification API

April 2019

Development of Business integration platform interface and strengthen partnership with app developers

August 2019

Deploy Gold Reward Android and IOS App

Jan - Dec 2020

Introduce the first RVD gamification device and online gadget store

Continuous product expansion


Our crypto-analytic trade automation engine (CATA-E) facilitates high yield exchange tokens with major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum on exchange platforms. Members benefit from this software used to automatically analyze market actions, such as time, price, orders, and volume. Applying this to RVD, you can get up to 35 - 45% return within 30 days by lending RVD.
This is a way of making passive income which is similar to Staking in Proof of Stake Coins. RVD is a Proof of Work Token, however by keeping a specific amount of tokens in your wallet, you provide security and stability to the system and you get rewarded with more tokens . Our platform pays you a percentage of your minimum balance in a month (please refer to the schedule below for percentages). Your minimum balance begins to count from the first day of the month and must be maintained through the entire month to be paid Balance Bonus. The Balance Bonus for the previous month is paid on the 5th day of the following month.
Binary team bonus is an accumulative bonus from the beginning of the lending program, and includes total invested amount from a member’s downlines (both direct and indirect) and spillover from uplines. A member will earn on the balance of both sides, receiving the corresponding percentage of the total accrued amount on the smaller side based on the table above. This amount is paid daily from the side with the lesser volume, and the same amount deducted from the side with the higher volume.